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• Clips on shopping carts, strollers, car seats, bouncers, carriers, cribs, bassinets, walkers, playpens, play yards, hichair (home & restaurants). Take it with you anywhere.

• Tell strangers not to touch your baby without feeling awkward and without the fear of offending them.

• Remind family and friends to wash their hands before touching your baby.

Available in English and Spanish.

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People (strangers) love to look at babies and comment on how ‘cute’ the baby is. With a great big smile and a glowing face, they go directly for the baby’s hands. They hold the infant’s hand, rubs her palm and tiny little fingers. The innocent precious infant may or may not always smile back, but 100% of the time, she will put her hands in her mouth and even rub her eyes and nose. The stranger goes away leaving your baby at risk of germs that can cause illness. Why? Because one way germs are transmitted is from person to person, by just one ‘touch.’ These germs then enter the body through the mouth, the nasal passageway or the corner of the eyes. So Go Mama, it is okay to tell strangers to STOP! DO NOT TOUCH BABY!™ Because it is YOUR baby you are protecting. Spread the word, stop the germs.

Loved by Moms, Backed by Pediatricians.